Phasmophobia: Spooky Scary GhostBusters

It’s that MFing time of the year again you pumpkin spiced sluts. Spooky season is back and better than ever this year with arguably one of the most fun first person horror experiences I have ever played. Phasmophobia crept out from behind the bushes brandishing a knife, wearing a William Shatner mask and decided to stab good ole ghost hunting fun right into the back of my neck. Dim your lights, crack some Shipyard Pumkinheads, light some autumn candles, get some backup underwear on standby, and strap your proton packs up because Phasmophia is taking over this Halloween season.

I don’t want to go too deep into everything Phasmophobia has to offer, because Steve and myself covered a decent amount in the video above. We also plan on releasing WAY MORE ghost hunting content including guides, walkthroughs, roles, and so on, in the future. Pucker up and I’ll wet your whistle a little. Phasmophobia is a co-op ghost investigating horror game played in first person. You have a list of ghosts with unique attributes, a handful of varied maps, a truck full of equipment, and up to 3 other pals to play with. You gear up, review some optional objective but go into the haunted house/farmstead/asylum/school with one real goal in mind, and that is to determine what kind of ghost it is and get out alive. Yes, the ghost can hunt and kill players. Steve and I will be putting more in depth guides together explaining every facet of Phasmophobia so stay tuned and enjoy what we’ve put together so far.

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