WWE Talent Could Be Suspended, Fined, or Forego Earnings If They Don’t Stream on Twitch

Last month, reports came out that the WWE had issued a ban on talent working with 3rd parties including Twitch and YouTube. A statement shortly came out after from the WWE saying that the talent could keep these third party accounts, only if they don’t use their stage names.

And once you thought that was all, we get this tweet saying that WWE talent have approached Andrew Yang to tell him that they’re being forced to sign new contracts making streaming on Twitch a “work obligation”. If they don’t stream on twitch they will forego earnings, be suspended, or face penalties.

So WWE owns the rights to these stage names. Got it. But what if your stage name is your real name? Like John Cena? So the WWE owns John Cena. Maybe I’m a little too high right now but that’s what I’m making out of it. WWE sounds like a fucking prison. Who knows how much of a cut the WWE will get from these streams and YouTube content now.

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