The Biggest Pokemon Game Ever Is Coming This Friday: Here’s What to Expect

Pokemon games have generally followed a formula since its early days. Collect 8 badges, catch the legendary Pokemon, defeat the elite four, and become champion. Sword/Shield tried to mix it up by creating a more open world, as well as going down a DLC expansion route instead of making a third version or sequel. 

Later in Pokemon Arceus, it expanded upon the open world formula and made catching and battling Pokemon feel more natural. Traversal was done by certain Pokemon instead of using special moves known as HMs in previous generations. This made traveling across its open world sections seem more immersive and natural.

Roam Free in the Open World of Paldea 

Players can roam the region of paldea together in a party of four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Players can roam the region of Paldea together in a party of four.

Now in Scarlet and Violet releasing this Friday on the 18th, that level of traversal returns with your legendary right from the start. From flying, running, swimming, and climbing. The open world region of Paldea, will be yours to explore with up to four other friends. Catching, battling, trading, and going on terra raids will be some of the many things you will do together. Of course, you won’t be able to battle with your legendary until near the end of the game.

For the first time ever, players have the ability to forge their own gym path. You can tackle the gym leaders in any order, with the caveat being that levels will not scale with your own Pokemon.

There is also the option of completing the game with one of three questlines. In addition to the classic questline of completing each gym, there’s the Path of Legend where you will explore the region and gather rare herbs, and the Starfall Street path where you will defeat the evil Team Star. Even new forms of Pokemon appear in this region!

Revel With Past and Future Pokemon

In an effort to reduce spoilers, I will keep the information on these Pokemon brief. One of the latest Pokemon trailers revealed a past and future form of what seems to be Donphan. Here’s what the Pokemon Company describes them as.

The Monster Known as Great Tusk

The Scarlet Book describes how this savage monster attacked the expedition team with its large body and tusks, mortally wounding one of the explorers.

The Pokemon Company
The Monster Known as Great Tusk. Past form of the Pokemon Donphan.
Past form of Donphan

The Monster Known as Iron Treads

It is said in the Violet Book that when this monster curls its body and rolls to attack, it leaves a trail gouged into the ground, as if it had scorched the earth.

The Pokemon Company
The Monster Known as Iron Treads. Future form of the Pokemon Donphan.

Future form of Donphan.

Maybe we will see more Pokemon like this, with future forms in Violet, and past forms in Scarlet!

The Anticipation of Something Bigger Than Ever for Pokemon

I’ve been staring at the Scarlet logo on my switch since a week before its release. To say I’m excited is an understatement! We’re getting a mainline Pokemon game with a true open world, bigger than what Arceus was, but with a mix of the usual mainline generation gameplay. 

Not only that, but we can beat the game in one of three ways as well as tackle gyms in any order we wish. Terastallization looks insane, and something that may be incredibly powerful since mega evolution was first introduced.

Prepare for a next-gen Pokemon experience like no other.

I’m going to be streaming every second I play of Scarlet on my Twitch channel reggieromano . When I beat the game, I will begin my endless training to make it to the World Championships next year. If I can at least get an invitation, I will be satisfied with my VGC skills. I’m looking forward to competing in Yokohama, Japan next year! Read more about the competitive scene here.

I’m going to stop at nothing to make it to Worlds next year!

Expect Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to drop on November 18th. I’ll be playing and streaming it the second it drops digitally! See you on release!


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