Conor McGregor is in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Yes, Conor McGregor is in Call of Duty, why wouldn’t he be..You can only see Mr. McGregor for a split second. So be ready.

Conor McGregor is in Call of Duty

The story revolves around a space war that occurred after Earth was stripped of its resources. It’s described as a “classic war story” by Activision in a press release, but you will spend a fair amount of time in outer space. Despite this, the trailer also shows scenes on Earth. –Gamespot


This is fucking awesome.. I hope that I am not super late on this but I probably am because I’m too busy drinking cheap beer and watching Ray Donovan. But first of all, this trailer is unreal. Second of all Conor McGregor shows up out of nowhere with a MEAN right elbow to my teeth. Molars floating in space. How fitting. This is why I love Call of Duty because they put stuff like this into their games. First 50 Cent, now Conor McGregor. YUUUUP.




Take my money.

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