Dusk’s Trailer Just Rocked My Balls Off

So I’m sitting here, on the bowl, doing a little research for the website, when a text from a friend comes in about this trailer for a game called “Dusk”. First thought: “Man, that sounds like either an emo album a circle-strafey FPS that I woulda played in sixth grade.” And wouldn’t you fuckin’ know it, Dusk is actually one of those very two things.

Dusk is a love letter to 90’s FPS games, meaning it’s gonna be fast, bloody, violent, and probably fun as fuck. The trailer alone boasts several obvious callouts to the games that inspired it, but is offering much more than service to fany of the genre. Created by indie dev David Szymanski, Dusk looks like someone threw Doom, Quake, Bad Boys 2, and a dive bar heavy metal band in a blender, and the result is this:

Yeah. Consider my balls rocked off. Dusk’s soundtrack is being composed by Andrew Hushult, who was the genius behind the sounds for Brutal Doom.

Just like it’s forefathers, Dusk looks to be focusing on ultra-fast movement, episodic level design, and lots and LOTS of blood and bullets. Personally I’m hoping for some multiplayer component, and maybe a few levels paying homage to Goldeneye too. Only time will tell, as Dusk’s coming to punch us in the face with nostalgia in 2017.

Isn’t it crazy how nostalgic games are embracing graphics from 3D shooters now? Man I’m old. Anyway, holla at your boy on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames.


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