PAX East 2018: We Still Suck At Dunk Lords

The thrashing in Dunk Lords that Chris and I received yesterday was absolutely the last thing I needed, but I can’t say we didn’t play with heart.

Me and Chris came to PAX East 2018 with one, single goal on our mind: redeem ourselves from last years UNDRESSING we received in “Dunk Lords”, the Smash/NBA Jam hybrid you never knew you needed from Andy Hull and Story Fort Games. We were on a fucking mission, nay, a crusade to win, and we came up shorthanded once again. We ended up losing 38-24 as Chris couldn’t get up for rebounds and for some reason I couldn’t buy a bucket all game. Sad!


The good news is, Dunk Lords is showing more and more polish every time we see it. Andy Hull’s arcade basket-brawl baby is sharper, cleaner, and more smooth than ever. If you’re at the show, go check ’em out. We’ll be back, Andy. We’ll be back.

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