No, “Westeros: The Series” Isn’t Real, But It’s A Decent Fan-Made Trailer

I’ve seen this trailer for “Westeros: The Series” making the round on Facebook since the Game of Thrones season finale, and it has a lot of people talking. Mainly those people are pretty gullible, and seem to actually believe that this is real (remember, this is Facebook we’re talking about), but anybody who actually looks into this for more than twelve seconds can see that this is a fan-made trailer for a hypothetical series that is in no way sanctioned by GRRM or HBO.

So – what’s the trailer all about, exactly? Well, it’s Game of Thrones with a modern-day coat of paint. Think “House of Cards” but with different flags. In the trailer itself, we see “Prime Minister Lannister” addressing the world about happenings beyond The Wall, a man waking up in his bed with White Walker-blue eyes, and what seems like an angry mob waving Stark flags around amidst fire and smoke. We also see the silhouette of a dragon flying over a metropolitan city, the Titan of Braavos standing tall above the (presumable) modern-day Free Cities, and some other shit that looks good in YouTube thumbnails.

Apparently the people behind this video will be releasing another trailer for the “series” tomorrow, so be on the lookout for your relatives and other casual Game of Thrones fans who don’t bother fact-checking things to post that too and buy-in to it being legit. For my money, this trailer is interesting to watch but it’s pretty bland compared to what we’ve already seen on the real Game of Thrones show. Even if this was real, I’m not interested in seeing the same exact story we’re already watching being told amidst skyscrapers and tailored suits. I’ll just stick to watching fan-made Game of Thrones hype videos until next season rolls around instead.

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