ManEater + Chivalry 2 : Post Pax Impressions

As many of you listeners may have hear from last week’s Episode 170 of Not Another Gaming Podcast, we ran down some of our highlight games from PAX East 2020. I had the opportunity to check out both games TripWire Interactive were showcasing. After a night of a literal unknown amount of booze, I stopped by TripWire‘s giant booth first thing Saturday morning and went hands on with Chivalry 2 and ManEater. There have been a few first person medieval hack n slash games to come out recently with For Honor and Mordhau being some of the most notable. Chivalry 2 easily sets itself ahead of both with heavily weighted objective based combat. You get to choose your loadout ranging from short swords, maces, pikes, pole arms, all the way to slow firing crossbows. The demo level we played was setup for two teams of 32 players , one sieging a castle whilst the other defends it. Not only is the combat incredibly satisfying, being able to cut off limbs and decapitate enemies, but the map design and flow of the match was incredible. I got to play on the siege side mowing through defenders with a pole arm and mace. Once we took the front gates, we were tasked with destroying a set of trebuchets, then over taking the court. The map opens itself up after completing each objective and there are going to be plenty of maps at launch.

You play as a fucking shark….you read that right

After shaking some of the hangover slaughtering 60 or so knights, I stumbled my way over to the ManEater side of the booth. I don’t to spoil too much even though I’m pretty sure some of the story line subjects have gone public already, but the first 10 or so minutes have you running through a tutorial arena as a fully grown bull shark. I bounced from tutorial to tutorial learning how to assert your prehistoric dominance over the water life as well as the unsuspecting humans of the bay. You have an array of attacks, moves, and dodges all utilized in combat to complete mission objectives. The map is a contiguous open world broken up into regions similar to that of GTA. ManEater looks and plays much more like the criminally under looked Xbox One gem, Sunset OverDrive with a similar art style and general feel to the movement. You’re also given access to a pretty in depth RPG upgrade system. Both Chivalry 2 and ManEater were an absolute blast so make sure to stay tuned for more info down the line.

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