Levi and Nintendo Collaboration is Absolutely Fire Flames And Drops On April Fools

Last week we found out that Nintendo and Levi were going to launch a clothing collaboration. I was personally very intrigued as to what these threads were going to look like. Would they be too cheesy? Would they just not be wearable? How the hell is Nintendo going to make a line of clothes that appealed to people older than elementary school? And this isn’t a shot at Nintendo, or fans of Nintendo. It’s just that when you think of Mario, or Bowser on an article of clothing, you think it’s for a younger demographic. Idk.

Well I’m here today to let you know that the collection will be available on April 1st (April fools joke?) and photos starting floating around the internet, courtesy of Levi and other outlets.

Nintendo teams up with Levi's for Super Mario jackets and jeans 49 |
Nintendo teams up with Levi's for Super Mario jackets and jeans 50 |

I take zero pride in my style, so what I say here might not hold any weight. But I think these are 100% fire. And as the kids say, steez. This is coming from someone who goes clothes shopping every 5 years. I wear plain colors, and mainly black, white, or grey. Not much pizazz in my game. But Nintendo and Levi dropped a heater. This might be the year I get my thread game up and start “stunting” on them.

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