The Funniest Moment In Pokémon VGC Just Happened

As of writing, the 2024  Pokémon Pittsburgh Regional Championships are underway. Today, during said event, former VGC World Champ Wolfe Glick and Worlds Finalist Jeudy Azzarelli created one of the funniest moments in VGC history!

During swiss round 12 of the VG championships, Wolfe correctly read a switch from his opponent Jeudy to the grass-type Pokémon Amoongus. This allowed his Landours to attack for super effective damage with its flying-type tera blast.

As the move went off, Wolfe looked into the camera made an “OK” hand sign, and smiled as if he was posing for a YouTube thumbnail. Jeudy responded with his hand over his face in shock.

A screenshot of the Pokémon regional championships moment in question.
The moment captured on stream

“I feel like I normally keep a pretty straight face when I’m playing…” Wolfe said during his post-match interview. “…but Jeudy was celebrating. At the beginning of the turn, he makes a switch and goes “ok” into the camera. I’m like “Why is he making an ok with like a thumbs up?”…Then my play went off and I was like “Yeah! It’s my play!” I was kind of inspired by Jeudy kinda playing it up a little bit, so I felt I had to get into character a little bit.”

Jeudy Azzarelli in shock
Jeudy Azzarelli in shock

Wolfe Glick is one of the biggest Pokémon content creators on YouTube, as well as a former champion from the 2016 San Francisco Pokémon World Championships. Jeudy Azzarelli is no pushover himself, being a 2014 Worlds runner-up. Both have made it to the top 8 in this current Regional Championships. With the top 4 still going as of writing! You can watch it live on YouTube or Twitch!


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