Shoutout To This Chinese Woman Who Went Blind From Playing Video Games For 24 Hours Straight

BEIJING:  A 21-year-old Chinese woman went blind in one eye after a 24-hour gaming marathon on her mobile phone in northwest China’s Shaanxi province, a media report said. -NDTV

Wooooooo it’s lit! Apparently this anonymous 21-year-old Chinese woman knows how to PARTY. If I had a buck for every time I did something for so long that I almost (or did) hurt myself, I’d be able to pay off my credit card right now. Nobody knows who this girl is, but she developed something called a “retinal artery occlusion” in her right eye during a 24-hour marathon of “Honor of Kings”, which is currently the most popular game in China. That is wild.

Apparently, about 55 million people play Honor of Kings daily in China, and it grossed $875 million in it’s first quarter of launch back in 2015. The game features historical Chinese characters (which probably explains the appeal in it’s home country), and China’s official newspaper has called Honor of Kings a “poison” and a “drug”. First of all, lace me the fuck up with Honor of Kings right now. The last link says it’s coming to EU and US soon, and if it’s really THAT good that people are willing to go blind and forget to eat and shit while playing, then I think I gotta get involved.

Looks lit tbh

The first report I linked contains a quote from Young Stephanie Wonder stating that on days when she didn’t have work, she’d get up at 6am, eat breakfast and play until 4pm. Light work. Then the newly-minted Chinese Nick Fury would have a snack, nap, then continue playing until 1am.

Big question here for me is – since Honor of Kings features traditional Chinese heroes, are we US players gonna have access to United States-based DLC characters? Cause if I can play as Teddy Roosevelt with a fucking rifle and shit or Babe Ruth swinging a bat at people then absolutely I’m ten toes down to go blind for this shit too.

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