The Most Meta CupHead Article You Will Ever Read

Oh no, oh Dear Lord No!  A difficult game that wasn’t made specifically with every single gamer on the planet in mind was released and casual gamers who aren’t up for a challenging videogame are in an uprorar.  Guess what happens when 50 year old videogame journalists who haven’t played anything more difficult than Candy Crush Saga, get their hands on CupHead.  “No, Aunty Kathy. I don’t want to accept your FarmVille invitation”.  Some of them can’t make it through the tutorial and most can’t beat the first few bosses.  Journalists have been posting heaters for reviews, talking about how difficult the game is and have been pleading for a Skip Boss button…in a game that up until about 5 months ago was just one big boss rush.  In a game based around the beautiful aesthetics of each individual character, bosses included, it is an absolute joke for people to say they want nothing to do with 80% of the game and just play the Run N Gun side scrolling levels.  And thus the controversy over whether videogame journalists need to be competent enough to actually play the videogame they are playing and then reviewing, comes into play.  Here it is.

I just want to make it clear that although we at Wicked Good Gaming are not professional videogame players, we do at least play videogames semi-frequently to all the fucking time, depending on our life schedules.  On top of that, these aren’t even our jobs.  One of the biggest issues with larger videogame websites is that the opinions of one person then represents the entirety of the site.  We don’t typically worry about that because there are only 3 of use but we separate our content based upon what we enjoy individually.  This is a prime example when it came to Dead By Daylight.  Dom and Chris are two giant babies and didn’t enjoy the game half as much as I still do so it was on me to put a review up about it.  We started Wicked Good Gaming to bring a different, visceral, beer soaked take on an entertainment media that we love and participate in, but when it comes to major gaming news sites like VentureBeat, where the lead writer struggles to beat the tutorial, there has to be something behind that.  We are blunt and we tell you how it is.  I will come up to you in a bar, stinking of Coors Lite, and stumble through a rant about how much I fucking love the Dark Souls franchise, while Dom is chewing your friends ear off about World of Warcraft and Chris is mumbling to an empty chair about Counter Strike clinging to the bar top as if he were bracing himself for an imminent impact from a crashing wave.  You have the Wicked Good Gaming Seal of Approval when it comes to our take on gaming and nerd culture, we are here for you guys.  So when I do finally get my hands on CupHead, I will get a review your way, as long as I can get out of the tutorial.  If not I will leave you all with a solo post claiming I suck at the game and thus, am not qualified to review it.


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