25 Days of Wicked Good Christmas: Santa Claus Can (And Should) Make A Surplus of Graphics Cards This Year

While we’re helping the big guy make his list (and check it twice), why not make sure some less fortunate kids can see their stockings stuffed too? Grab a sweater and donate to Toys for Tots today!

Listen, Nvidia needs some help this year.

It’s no secret that their RTX 3000 series graphics cards are hard to find, even still now weeks after their launch. Scalpers and consumers, some armed with bots and some without, have been fighting tooth and nail to net themselves one of these beauties, but the pickings have been slim.

So, since Nvidia themselves are having trouble keeping up with demand, I suggest we call in the big guns. That’s right, the folks at the North Pole. Sure, I can only assume that Ol’ Kris Kringle has been having a rough go of fulfilling plenty of gamers’ Christmas lists given the scarcity of this hardware, the PS5, and the Xbox Series X – so let’s just make more!

Also, don’t give me that “Santa only makes analog toys” bull either, because we have cinematic evidence that elves do – in fact – know how to manufacture them. Have a look:

Don’t even call yourself a gamer if you don’t know what an “extreme graphic chipset processor” is.

Listen, I’m not saying I deserve some kind of humanitarian awards or honorary Harvard fellowship for coming up with this idea – but I will happily accept a new 3080 in my stocking if anybody’s really feeling the need to thank me.

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