25 Days of Wicked Good Christmas: People Are Rushing Into GameStop For Their Last Chances To Get PS5/Xbox Series X

Ahhhhhhh holiday madness. It never truly ends.

Chaos about toys, games, and stocking stuffers is already at a fever pitch, and not even a globe-spanning pandemic can keep people from ripping each other to shreds while looking for the next big thing in gaming.

Before we go any further, here’s a plug that you need to pay attention to.

According to Twitter, people are going absolutely batshit bonkers for PS5 and Xbox Series X right now. I don’t know how they get this information, but “KingRestock”, “YTNextGenGaming” and other accounts on Twitter seem to have some inside information on who’s got what in stock… And now people are going ape shit.

Chaos! Bedlam! Madness! While it seems like COVID has made it nearly impossible to find holiday retail store fistfights online this year, people are still flocking to stores at the earliest whiff of potential stock for next-gen consoles.

I absolutely have to respect the hustle for the folks who are less than two weeks away and still haven’t given up. Hang in there, and stay in line if you have to.

Papa Dom

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