BlizzCon 2017 Is Right Around The Corner, So Let’s Relive The Glory of “Red Shirt Guy” Together

BlizzCon 2017 runs from November 3rd to November 4th of this year, and at this point every streamer, podcaster, YouTuber, and writer on Earth who gives a shit has already offered their predictions for what we’re gonna see this year. Most people expect the reveal of a new WoW and Hearthstone expansion, others are more excited to see what we’re getting for new Overwatch content, and some even think that Starcraft: Ghosts is finally gonna be revealed (let it go, bb).

No matter what happens, the spectacle for me this and EVERY year is the return of Red Shirt Guy. If you haven’t heard of Red Shirt Guy, he’s basically a World of Warcraft superfan who comes to the World of Warcraft stage at BlizzCon every damn year to attend the Q&A session and stump the developers by pointing out plotholes and inconsistencies that the average fan has probably never noticed and that the devs have all but completely forgotten about. Check out Red Shirt Guy’s greatest hits below:

Red Shirt Guy is a legend. Blizzard has even coded him into the game as a “fact checker” who hangs out in Ironforge right next to his hero, Kurdran Wildhammer. Needless to say, if we don’t see more RSG this year at BlizzCon I’m gonna just absolutely lose it.

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