Mewtwo Pokemon Go Prank Succeeds, Japan Collectively Shits Its Pants

Mewtwo, as of the current moment, is not catchable in Pokemon Go. But when a Twitter user suggested #150 himself could be in a Pokeball-shaped park in Japan… Well… Players took the suggestion pretty seriously:

Yep. That’s the mob scene in Tsuruma Park in Nagoya, Japan – home to a nice fountain that is, conveniently enough, shaped like a Pokeball. The image used to bait gamers (set as the featured image at the top) is a pretty good chop job, and to be completely honest if someone had posted something similar near my neighborhood, I’d have been down there in a heartbeat. Shit, yesterday while cleaning out the boxes we have in storage I heard my mother yell from downstairs – “DOM, THERE’S A MEW DOWN HERE!” and I swear to Christ I almost threw myself down two flights of stairs thinking my mother had, for some reason, downloaded Pokemon Go and stumbled across Mew. Turns out, it was my old Pokemon TCG binder with an Ancient Mew card stuck to the front (admittedly still cool) but not nearly what I was hoping for.


According to some other tweets from last night, gamers were able to find a few Gyarados’ and Blastoises, so I guess the whole trip wasn’t a bust in the first place, but MAN, just imagine being a part of that crowd. The one things that fucks me up about this though is like, CP 10 bro? That wasn’t the first tip-off that this might be a hoax? I mean – how are you even gonna power this thing up to use in a fight at ALL when you only have three candies, and this one is probably the only one in the world? That shit is crazy. I think if I saw a CP 10 Mewtwo I’d have to seriously consider not even catching it. What a weak fuck. I have Caterpies higher than that. Get it together, Japan. You can’t be getting caught with your pants down like this. It’s just not a good look.


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