Tiggy’s CDL Sundae Dessert Picks: A Parlay for the Sprinkles (17 Dec)

We are all the way back from a horrific Friday selection, because we came in tac-sprinting to the bookie’s mouth all Saturday as we prevailed 4-0 for a sweet parlay to put us back in the green. We had our fun, dined out to the 9s last night, but we’re spawning back into the map for another day of Call of Duty League where we take only the winners. Video attached, write-up to follow, with how the betslip should look like in the DraftKings app.

First match of the day we see the down-beaten Carolina Royal Ravens take on the Green Wall that is OpTic Texas. This one should be quick, but the spread is 2.5 maps & I’ve seen too much shakiness with these young guns of OpTic to put that much faith in that. We’re gonna take the easy route with a map 1 stomping at a steep -360 to get 1 easy leg in the clear. Next up is the battle of LA. Historically the Guerrillas hold the advantage to 7 games to 1(no research to back it), so I’m taking the Guerrillas at +1.5 maps, meaning they can lose 2-3 map count & this bet will cash. I think there’s a good chance the Guerrillas continue to add to their rival record, and at +105, it’s easy to take some map 5 protection. Final match again hosts the Toronto Ultra seeing another weak opponent, the Boston Leach. The spread was only -1.5, and after what the Ultra did to the Royal Ravens last night, I’m sad we don’t see a -2.5 option. Ultra can win 3-0 or 3-1 for our -1.5 maps to hit at a -200 odds. So 3 picks equating to a +292 parlay we can smash today. Let’s keep riding hot.


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