Tiggy’s CDL Redemption Parlay: Steak or Ice? 16 December

Today’s the day of redemption ladies and gentlemen. Yesterday we took a relentless beatdown of bad breaks going 0-3 in all 3 selections of our parlay. Luckily, once you lose the first leg its already over, but man was that tough to watch. Today we’re going a little different in terms of what we’re betting on. Video posted below with a write-up following. Let’s have ourselves a Saturday!

Lot of action today, and many should not be close matches. Unfortunately a lot of these better teams are feeling out the different maps early on, and toy with their food too much. First match we have the only close one when it comes down to skill. Miami Heretics I predict to stay hot though and come through with a win. We’re taking them straight up to open us up here today -130. Next up we’re graced with the defending champions New York Subliners taking on our Las Vegas Legion.. Legion screwed us big yesterday, but I think the team isn’t bad by any means. I was tempted to take them +1.5 maps, but I can’t see them winning & feel pressure to get everyone some money today. Subliners won’t lose today, so we add them at a brutal -330 fee. The final 2 matches are juggernauts of the game against 2 newer squads. I don’t think Seattle Surge or Carolina Royal Ravens are terrible, but they’re in another weight class in comparison. FaZe & Ultra are both massive favorites so we can’t take the moneylines. SnD gave us complications yesterday, so we’re taking them both to come out hot in map 1. FaZe map 1 -215 & UItra map 1 -450. I hate the high price points, but I’d rather eat steak than ice for a second night…just might not have enough for dessert. +312 is the official odds we’re taking for all 4 to lead us towards a helluva Saturday night!


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