First Look at the Valorant Official Launch Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay Trailer

Well, Valorant is officially here. And you can bet your sweet ass I’ll be jumping on today. I’m not gonna lie, I got tired of the game during the closed beta, but I have to play on the official release day. It would be a sin not to.

The launch cinematic was alright. Just Phoenix and Jett chasing each other around. And the gameplay trailer was just whatever. Nothing to write home about, but it’s a start. I really hope Valorant follows in League or Overwatch’s footsteps when it comes to cinematics. I need some lore to these agents and some beautiful cinematics. I think that’s the direction they’ll go in since the gameplay trailer says Episode 1 at the beginning. The agents in Valorant are all so cosplayable (is that a word) – and giving them personality behind just the game would help it tenfold.

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