I Think I Watched The Most Impressive Fight in Warzone History Yesterday

Please enjoy this one of a kind fight, while trying to not make fun of me for sounding like I do. I can’t help it.

I decided to take the day and see if I could wrap my mind around this. And spoiler alert, I still have no idea what happened here. I was watching Smitty live on Barstool’s Twitch stream (shoutout Gametime) while it was happening, and my jaw was gently resting on the ground during this cat and mouse display.

I’m trying to give both of the players the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe there was a helicopter overhead and they couldn’t hear (debunked), maybe the other players TV randomly shut off, little cousin was being annoying so he gave him the controller to play? Maybe the dude attacking Smitty just wanted to see how many laps he could run around the hut before being found? The possibilities are endless, and to be honest I don’t think we’ll ever know what the fuck happened in this 43 seconds. And after the chase both players killed each other. One with a gun, one with a C4. You literally cannot write a better ending.

All I know is this was very impressive. Smitty firing a few warning shots into the rock might have been the most alpha move I’ve ever seen. Granted I’m sure he somehow saw a person there, but let’s go with the alpha “come out and fight” warning shots.

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