Massachusetts Dentist Offering Free Cleanings… If You Beat Him In Smash

Sometimes a hero comes along that nobody knew they needed, and today – that hero is Dr. Tej A. Shah, DMD.

In the above video, which is pure solid internet gold, the good doctor offers a free dental cleaning for those that can beat him in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the video description, the official terms of this challenge are listed as “Win against me in #Smash and win a free dental cleaning. Lose, then you have to tell whole world a dentist whooped you! (1 chance per person; 1 free cleaning per patient; good for the year 2021)”.

According to the Zen Family Dental website, Dr. Shah brings his love of video games, movies, and music to his dental practice in order to provide a calming distraction for his clients, which I’m sure is always welcome especially for those who are skittish when it comes to a dentist’s chair. His bio goes on to say that Dr. Shah plays plenty of video games in his spare time, his favorite being the Final Fantasy series.

I absolutely love this guy. Tackling gamers’ dental hygiene, and keeping their skills sharp in the process. I already have a dental cleaning scheduled for next week, but I may need to cancel it just so I can go get my ass handed to me by a dentist and shake this man’s hand in person.

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