PlayStation Showcase 2021: Everything You Missed

Sony’s 40-minute Showcase for the future of the PS5 was PACKED with updates from PlayStation Studios, as well as some well-known third-party minds. There’s way too much to cover in one blog that you’ll actually read *all of*, but here’s a look at all the big highlights coming this holiday and beyond.

KOTOR Remake

Right out of the gate, POW, a fucking KOTOR Remake. While this will also be available on PC, this not being on Xbox was a massive shock. I like that this is a “Remake” not just a remaster.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

And just like that, Spider-Man 2 is announced. The trailer somewhat implies that you can team up with Miles Morales AND possibly VENOM. I’m not sure if this is gonna be a GTA V-style gameplay where you switch off between the three, or if we’ll see 2 or maybe even three player co-op, but hot damn I’m excited.

Marvel’s Wolverine

The devil may work hard, but the folks at Insomniac Games work harder. I was not expecting a Wolverine title AT ALL, let alone one mentioned in the same presser as Spider-Man, but here we are.

God of War: Ragnarok Gameplay

And last but not least (for my highlights anyway), God of War: Ragnarok gameplay. The thrilling 2 minutes and change definitely look absolutely phenomenal, and even feature Sons of Anarchy’s Ryan Hurst as Thor.

All in all, all I can say is 1.) holy fuck. and 2.) I need to find a PlayStation 5.

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