Esoteric Continues Being The Man, Raps Captain America: Civil War Review

If you didn’t know this already, Boston-based rapper Esoteric is the fucking man. Aside from being one of my favorite people to ever touch a mic (go through your local record store or Spotify or Apple Music or AOL Music or whatever and cop his whole catalog), he frequently comments on the comic book world, dogs, and hip-hop music on his twitter (@MCEsoteric) and Instagram (same handle). Well, here, Eso raps his review to Captain America: Civil War, and the results are fantastic:

Couldn’t have rapped said it better myself. I actually met Esoteric one time at the Natick Mall, and it was honest to god one of the first times in like eight years that I had no idea what to say to another human being after already voluntarily getting their attention (I’ve been in a committed relationship for a REALLY long time). Anyway, I said “hey you’re one of my favorite rappers, thanks for being awesome”, and he was cool as hell even though I probably set a new world record for “most awkward human interaction ever”. So thanks for that, Eso.

Comic books and hip-hop music are two of the things that made me the man I am today. The first hip-hop record I ever bought with my own money was Ghostface Killah’s Iron Man when I was in 6th grade, not because I knew who he was (or even what genre it was) – simply¬†because I loved the name. Then I found out that some guys named Esoteric and 7L had a record called “Rebel Alliance” and the rest was history. Oh, and somewhere along the lines my parents bought me a Sega Genesis, and now I have a video game blog. So there’s that. To quote the greatest medical professional in the history of the world (Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park), “Life, ah ah ah, finds a way.”

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