Xbox Series S Price, Release Date, and Existence Revealed

Heavy rumors have swirled for months about a more affordable “lite” model of Microsoft’s new console, and today – the Xbox Series S has been revealed.

The following “trailer” for the console has leaked just ahead of the official announcement as well (don’t mind the Garfield avi, its real):

Aaaaaaand here’s the specs:

All of this, for $299. Even if Sony lowballs the PS5 price point (which they won’t), Microsoft is almost guaranteeing their console a place in gamers’ homes this Fall. $299 is an INSANE price point, so now the folks who want a PS5 on day 1 now have a budget-friendly option to ensure they don’t miss out on any Xbox exclusives.

The Xbox Series S is rumored currently to release on November 10th, and we have no official word yet on the Xbox Series X – though it’s currently rumored to launch alongside its little brother at $499.

Stay tuned for more.

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