My President, Reggie Fils-Aime, Is Retiring

You read that right folks. After 15 years, Reggie Fils-Aime is stepping down as President of Nintendo of America, and the President of my heart.

Any way you slice it, you don’t just last as the president of a major company for 15 years by accident, let alone the president of one of the most recognizable and beloved companies in the world. I was 13 when Reggie stepped into the role, just about ready to head to high school and applying to part-time jobs so I could start buying video games with my own money.

Reggie instilled a sense of warmth and charisma into his announcements, presentations, and pressers that is all too rare in a gaming industry today. What with merciless layoffs, predatory corporate practices, and even “AAA” titles being shipped as unfinished messes, you always knew if you saw Reggie walk onscreen that somehow – everything was gonna be okay. Even through Nintendo’s more lackluster releases over the years, Reggie’s passion and love of gaming and Nintendo never wavered. And because of that, neither did mine.

“I leave in good health, and good spirits… And believe me – my body is still ready.” was I needed to hear was to make me cheer up and crack a smile through the sobs. I can only hope that Doug Bowser knows what massive shoes he’s got to fill – and I wish him the best of luck moving into this role. As for Reggie, there’s not a single soul in the gaming industry or elsewhere that can’t say that he just “got it”, and that is the best part about him.

We’ll miss you, Reggie. Best of luck, enjoy your retirement, and from the bottom of my heart – thank you for everything.

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