Fortnite Tester Who Leaked Chapter 2 Gets Sued By Epic Games

Fortnite user experience tester is being sued by Epic Games for spoiling Fortnite Chapter 2.
Epic filed the lawsuit today in a North Carolina court, alleging that Ronald Sykes — known online as @invisiblellama9 — leaked information about Fortnite’s now-revealed Chapter 2. Earlier in October, Fortnite went offline for two days. Epic claimed that a black hole had engulfed the game. This, of course, was all part of a marketing plan. The game returned with a new map and other significant changes. It’s an event Epic had been building to for months through its first 10 seasons, spread inside and outside of Fortnite in “hints and hidden ‘Easter eggs’,” according to the lawsuit.


The things people do for Twitter followers.. Ronald Sykes tested out chapter 2 and three days later went out twitter to let another user know that he “played S11 and can tell you the new stuff”. And that boys internet clout sky rocketed. After this tweet, he went on another account and revealed you’d be able to swim, and even went so far to post a picture of the new map. This was all leading up to the release.

Epic literally just sued an employee, Thomas Hannah, last year after breaking his NDA when he leaked info on season three. So this guy is an absolute buffoon for thinking he’d be able to get away scratch free.

And it’s obvious that this isn’t about the money, it’s more about sending a message. Epic is asking for injunctive relief and maximum damages. A game tester isn’t necessarily a high ranked employee and them going for this lawsuit is going to cost them more than they could imagine getting back from Ronny.

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