Nickmercs Absolutely Had The Time Today

I like Nickmercs. I really do. People say we look alike, but I don’t see it. I mean, we both have big ass necks, I do my best to lift weights and what not, and we both look vaguely Mediterranean, but other than that – that’s where the similarities end. Unless people disagree, in which case feel free to hype me up.

Anyway, here’s a clip of Nick absolutely bodying some nobody in his chat from yesterday.

There’s a couple things I love about this. First of all Nick led with “me and the team do work”, and wasn’t going to let the hard work the folks who he employs get shit on. I absolutely love that. Not only did he get the blood pressure spiking because someone was trying to talk down on him, but Nickmercs knew that this also reflected on his team, so he immediately went to bat for them.

He also gave us this gem – “Yeah, the [views] are down, but I’m having fun gaming – and i’m gonna upload and stream what the fuck I wanna stream.” and that resonated with me more than almost every other quote I’ve ever heard from a streamer, content creator, or person I know in real life in the last ten years.

And then, today, this happened.

Listen, I don’t know the history behind Huskers and Nickmercs. I confess that I am not as much up on my streamer lore as I’d like to be, but I gotta respect the comeback here.

While two people who care about Huskers probably didn’t love this reply, there was no need to throw shots out of nowhere (and at someone’s brand account instead of tagging them directly no less). But Mr. Mercs had time today, so a ratio had to ensue.

I really don’t see the resemblance though. Alright I guess I kinda do.

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