Let Me Just Thwip Out My Wallet: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Announced for PS5

Well, I didn’t think it would happen this quick, but I guess I’ve gotta go buy a PS5. 

Sony announced tonight during their 2021 Playstation Showcase a sequel to 2017’s Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, one of the biggest games on the Playstation 4 during the last console generation and a personal favorite of yours truly.

I am quite confident in saying that the original game is safely nestled amongst my top 5 favorite games of all time. Being a humongous Spider-Man fan in general, I truly felt like the story and depiction of Peter Parker and the gang presented in Insomniac’s version is one of, if not the best outside of the comics. Please @ me, I would love to discuss.

The game was shortly followed by two decent expansions, while not as impactful as the base game, I will never turn down more reasons to return to Spidey’s NYC for some swinging and slugging.  And finally capped off with a full fledged side game, Marvel’s Miles Morales, in which your take control of the titular teen while he figures out how to balance his life and new found powers, covering for Peter while he’s away on Spider-Business overseas as New York City’s on-call Spider-Man.

Coming in 2023 however, is a bona fide brand new adventure for our favorite masked menace. Details are scarce at this point, having only been announced with a short CG trailer, but here’s what we know so far, at the time of this writing:

– It seems like the game may be multiplayer in some fashion, as Peter and Miles are shown kicking the shit out of thugs together, at the same time.

– Kraven The Hunter has come to New York City looking for some Spider-Friends to hang on his trophy room wall, if the thickly Eastern European accented voice-over is to be believed.

– After being lightly teased at the very, very end of the original game, Venom is here to eat some brains and kill some spiders. 

– Venom will be voiced by the scary-as-hell Candyman himself, Tony Todd.

– The game releases all the way in 2023.

– I need to hurry up and buy a god damned PS5.

Needless to say, I am so beyond stoked for this game. I’m only hoping that Insomniac can outdo themselves and deliver another Spider-Man narrative as fun and emotionally devastating as the original game. 

Rest assured, true believers, I’ll be there day one in 2023.

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  • Tiggy

    Johnny PlayStation needs a 5 level!


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