Star Wars Is The Biggest Wasted License In Gaming, And You Can’t Tell Me Otherwise

Before we even get into this, lemme just answer one potential question that might come up: Yes, I’m mad.

A few years back, the Galactic Empire of Lootcrates – Electronic Arts – signed an exclusive deal with Disney and Lucasfilm to attain the video game rights to the Star Wars franchise, and since then they’ve done absolutely the fuck nothing with it but disappoint any rational Star Wars fan in the galaxy. But, at long last, it seems like we may have a glimmer of hope.

Back in mid-February, Cinelinx reported that Lucasfilm is disappointed (no shit) with EA and their handling of the license, AKA releasing two first-person shooters that both had more baggage, drama, and controversy than a Kardashian DVD box set. What’s more, EA doesn’t have shit on the table yet for Star Wars in 2019, and with Disney cranking out movies and announcing new trilogies like it’s going out of style, they simply can’t be happy with the lack of money they’re making off of EA’s pitiful offerings thus far.


A third Battlefront has yet to be confirmed (for good reason), and now the rumor is that EA’s deal with Lucasfilm can be pulled if the license is mishandled (check) or if certain criteria isn’t met. Shit, at this point, there’s even a petition with just under 200,000 signatures calling for the license to be dissolved.

I’ll take absolutely fucking anything at this point other than the two heaping trash piles EA has given us so far. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it thirty thousand more times – there’s absolutely no reason why we don’t have a AAA Star Wars title in every major genre in the gaming industry. No reason at all. To put it simply, Star Wars is the biggest waste of a license in gaming right now. In an era where the majority of shitty movie/television cash-ins have gone the way of the dinosaurs, Star Wars stands as one of the only major media licenses that can truly RAKE money, but EA has chosen to instead attempt to bleed everyone’s pockets dry instead of giving us quality titles from one of the most recognizable brands in human history.

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