The 5 Best Quotes In Star Wars Games #StarWarsDay

I’m sure you’ve all read a bunch of articles today on your Buzzfeeds and your Elite Dailys and your AOL 6.0 frontpages of the world that claim to list some of the best quotes in the Star Wars world (galaxy? universe?). I’d be willing to bet (because I have a gambling problem) that those articles only cover the movies, and nothing else. Well, anyone who has ever had a brain (and probably an Xbox or a PlayStation 2) can tell you that there are some certified gems littering the various Star Wars video game world as well, and in honor of Star Wars Day, I’m here to share them with you. Enjoy.

sev“A well-built sniper rifle is a beautiful thing. Ours has two zoom modes, ‘Up close and personal’ and ‘Hello, you’re dead.'”

-Sev, Star Wars Republic Commando

Republic Commando was, and still is one of my favorite squad-based shooters of all time. If you like the Ghost Recon series, and love Star Wars, this game was literally made for you. I’ve prayed for years that EA would reboot (or at least remaster) this absolute jewel of a shooter, but instead they gave us a brand new Battlefront title with a shitload of paid DLC and zero fucking space battles. Anyway, Sev, AKA Trooper Delta-07, is the marksman of Delta Squad, and he’s got some of the most memorable quotes and banter in the game. You can probably snag Republic Commando for like $10 on Steam if you wanted to hear more awesome banter from a badass squad of Clone Commandos.

15Montross: “May the best man win.”

Jango Fett: “I am the best. Always was.”

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

I was going to ask “Is it just me, or was Star Wars: Bounty Hunter a crazy underrated game?” But I’m not gonna ask that, because its a dumbass question. This was a third (and sometimes first) person Metroid Prime with a Star Wars flavoring, and I couldn’t have felt more badass than when I was blasting the shit out of people as Jango Fett. Imagine if the world was a perfect place, and Star Wars: 1313 never got cancelled? Yeah. That’d be great.

General_Kota“This is crazy. A blind man and a fool, against the Empire.”

-General Rahm Kota, Star Wars The Force Unleashed

If you’re asking yourself, who is that old guy with the bandolier and bootleg battle armor on? Please close this article, block this webpage, and don’t come back until you play through The Force Awakens for me one time. General Rahm Kota is EASILY one of the most badass Jedi of all time, because not only did he escape Order 66, he WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO SAW IT COMING! That’s right, General Rahm Kota never trusted the clone army, and didn’t even travel with them. He was the only Jedi General to travel with his own private militia (A PRIVATE FUCKING MILITIA) because he felt that the clones were not only untrustworthy, but inefficienat. It was only when he laid a trap for Starkiller in The Force Awakens that he was eventually found, because Rahm Kota doesn’t want to be fed, Rahm Kota wants to hunt.


“Revan was power. Staring into his eyes was like staring into the heart of the Force. Even then, you could see the Jedi he had slain etched on his soul.”

-Kreia, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This just wouldn’t be a collection of amazing Star Wars gaming quotes if I didn’t include some from KOTOR, much less from Kreia herself, the one-woman memorable quote machine. Kreia has seen it all (kinda) and has the mental and physical scars to prove it, as well as tons of wisdom and no shortage of bitterness towards the Jedi Order. Here she speaks candidly about one of the most powerful beings to ever wield the Force, a being who she trained personally. I get chills every time I watch cutscenes with Kreia, and I’ve probably played through both KOTOR titles at least three times each.

HK47_Sniper_-_KOTOR“He wants us to prove that we are not a threat to his tribe… Shall I begin blasting now master?”

-HK-47, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Before someone complains that this wasn’t the HK-47 quote they wanted me to list, how was I supposed to pick out ONE quote from him? HK-motherfucking-47 was a phenomenal one-liner machine (literally), and is hands-down my favorite droid in the entire Star Wars universe. HK-47 would hold a special place in my heart, if I had a special place in my heart for sadistic, cold-blooded (circuited?) droids who may or may not take their jobs a little too seriously. When it comes to great sidekicks in video games, or great party members in RPGs, you better mention HK-47.

That’s all for now folks. I hope you enjoyed this list of great Star Wars quotes, and I hope you’ll leave a comment with some of your favorites too. Oh, and don’t get mad if I omitted a quote that you like. If you don’t like the ones I posted, rearrange the letters into something that you do like. Boom, problem solved. Now go enjoy your Star Wars Day, and play some damn video games.

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