Animal Crossing Impostor Hokko Life Gets Announced For PC

It looks like a new indie game with balls the size of the sun is going after Game of the Year 2020 – Animal Crossing New Horizons. Hokko Life drops its players into a rather charming village with other residents. You can hit the pond and fish, pimp your house out, and even run around catching bugs. All activities that you’re able to do in Animal Crossing. But where this one is different.. is it’s available for PC.

Tom Nook is drafting up a cease and desist while we speak.

It’s a clear yoink of Animal Crossing. Some mellow tunes playing in the background and everyone in town being so warm and welcoming. Until you piss them off. And then the bass kicks in and they grunt you into oblivion. But at the same time, we don’t really see many of these adorable, innocent, and laid back games getting much main stream publicity besides Animal Crossing. This could just be the norm for this genre. It hurts me to say that I’m going to play this game, but I can’t lie to you guys, I have to. For science and for the brand.

Animal Crossing will obviously reign superior, but this could be the breakthrough of more games like this. And I’m here for it. Sometimes you just want to get a little high and catch bugs, we’ve all been there. Right?

Hokko Life is currently in early development and is planned to be released late 2020.

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