Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Buys Overwatch Team

Blizzard Entertainment has secured an agreement with Patriors owner Robert Kraft and Mets owner Fred Wilpon on their intent to enter the e-sports league.

Yea I know the above quote mentions Fred Wilpon, but when you’re mentioned in the same story as Bob Kraft you’re better off just left out.

The gaming industry is barley even tapped into and I’ve been saying this forever. Do you believe me now? Robert fucking Kraft is even buying e-sports teams. You know Bobby Kraft? The Patriots guy? Kiss the rings? With these leagues having millions of dollars in winnings on the line, the smart guys already close the the sports world are getting in on the action early. Now, Blizzard’s Overwatch league can be the reason for a giant pelvic thrust into getting e-sports more mainstream coverage. I mean the game already has rougly 30 million players worldwide after only a year, I mean… “Hold my dick, gaming world” – Overwatch

This will be the greatest e-sports team of all time. Imagine how passionate Boston fans are going to be over an e-sports team? Bananas. Riots in the street because Solider didn’t use his Ultimate at the right time. Bobby is gonna have them up at 5 AM doing finger dumbbell curls and drinking raw eggs Rocky style. Imagine, another championship is coming to Boston curtesy of Overwatch and Robert Kraft. Thanks Handsome.

Cue the Duck Boats

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