Marcus Smart Is Joining Bethesda For A DOOM: Eternal Demo At PAX East 2020

When you think about apex predators, you think huge tigers, grizzly bears, wolves, the whole nine. When I think about apex predators, I think about future bronze statue recipient and Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart.

Smart and his teammate, rookie Romeo Langford, will be taking a break from haunting the dreams of NBA players to sit down with the good folks at Bethesda for their annual “Game Days” event, right down the street from the TD Garden at PAX East 2020.

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I’ve said this before, but Bethesda Game Days is my favorite part of PAX East. The folks at Bethesda just know what the people want, and its snacks, drinks, and games. No fluff, no frills, just plenty of space (and time) to play some great games – and plenty of ways to stay hydrated while you do it. Sick of the show floor? Feel like all you can smell is Italian subs? Need some fresh air? Head over to Game Days, baby.

Bethesda Game Days this year will show off Fallout 76’s all-new (and all-free) Wastelanders update, some Elder Scrolls Online discussions, and lots and lots of DOOM Eternal content. In case you’re looking for us at PAX East 2020, we’ll be cozied up to the bar at Laugh Boston in between turns getting our faces ripped off by Mancubi.

In case you can’t pull yourself away from the show floor, you can also demo the first 20 minutes of DOOM Eternal at the Discord booth all weekend.

Bethesda Game Days takes place on 2/28 and 2/29 during PAX East weekend at Laugh Boston & M.J. O’Conner’s Irish Pub, 425 Summer Street, right next to the Boston Convention Center.

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