RUMOR: Tencent Searching For U.S./South Korea Gaming Acquisition

It’s been a busy week. Chris is over here getting Dr. Disrespect and Nickmercs in our mentions, Tom Hanks and Justin Timberlake were on my TV last night, and my puppy just took a massive shit outside (and not indoors). Wild stuff.

In the gaming world, it looks like Tencent is gearing up to make a major, billion+ dollar acquisition sometime soon. According to Roundhill Investments, it’s either in the US or South Korea.

So what could this be? Roundhill’s Twitter mentions seem to suggest that Zynga, NCSoft, Superleague Gaming, and Gravity are all solid candidates for this acquitsition.

Most recently, Tencent acquired Lazy Audio (which caused their shares to absolutely explode), and they also invested in thirty one gaming companies in 2020, raising their total investments in the space by 300%.

So, clearly Tencent has been setting the stage for a big move, but what could it be? Let us know who you think might be coming under the Tencent umbrella in the comments or on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames.

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