NetherRealm Studios Disqualifies Player For Criticizing Them, Draws A Shitload More Criticism

In probably one of the weirder situations I’ve seen in the competitive gaming scene, NetherRealm Studios apparently disqualified tournament finalist Titaniumtigerzz this past weekend due to a harmless criticism of the game.

On January 16th, the player was using a custom Sheeva moveset, which can be clearly seen on-screen as shown above titled “WhyDidNRSdoThis”.

According to people who know way more about fighting games than I do, this was done to poke fun at NRS for the fact that Sheeva is an incredibly easy character to play, and that the moveset Titaniumtigerzz concocted played to the character’s easily exploitable strengths.

The full clip (here) shows how awkwardly the disqualification played out on the official Mortal Kombat Twitch stream. As you might imagine, Twitter has had a field day with this, making #WhyDidNRSdoThis trend.

NRS has drawn criticism for plenty of other things lately, and this new trend has made it open season to give folks a reason to pile on. You just hate to see it.

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