Method and Kawhi Come Out On Top In World of Warcraft 2021 AWC Cup One

Over 200 teams participated in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ inaugural Arena World Championship series, but only two teams stood alone at the top at the end of Cup One.

Both Method and Kawhi made smart use of the insanely popular Holy Paladin / Fire Mage / Windwalker Monk comp, which led to the former handily winning the EU field by a smooth twenty points. Method, who failed to repeat last year as AWC champions due to team Wunderbar, look like they’re out for blood this year.

Brain, Cerallum, and Drake bested Cloud9 in an INSANE series that went all the way to game 7, bringing home the top prize for Kawhi. Kawhi, who I literally cannot find any information on online whatsoever, won last year’s NA AWC Cup under the name “Meow Meow Kitty Catz” (yes, seriously), but that’s just about as much info as I can find on them.

They might not seem like a favorite to the untrained eye, but they’re absolutely a team to watch and are already starting out with a bang by downing a “household name” team like Cloud9.

Skip to the two hour mark for the insane Game 7.

Each team in the top four took home a share of a small prize pool (ranging from $600 to $5,000 per team), and every team in each top 12 was awarded AWC points as pictured above. For a full refresher on this season’s AWC prize pool and inner workings, check out our previous blog.

The next AWC event is in just eleven days (and every other weekend after that), and will be streamed live on Blizzard’s YouTube channel.

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