Nintendo Switch Lounges Are Coming To U.S. Airports

According to a brand new press release from Nintendo, traveling officially sucks a whole lot less. Starting at the end of this week, Nintendo Switch lounges will begin popping up in U.S. airports.

Busy travelers embarking on journeys this year will have the opportunity to encounter fun surprises waiting for them at the airport. Beginning on Feb. 13, at select major airports across the U.S., Nintendo will be providing Nintendo Switch On The Go pop-up airport lounges featuring Nintendo products and opportunities for hands-on time with the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems.


Nintendo says these lounges will boast “comfortable seating, charging ports and Nintendo Switch game demos playable in both Handheld mode and TV mode,” and serve to really drive home the demonstrate the magic of playing a Switch on-the-go. As someone who’s taken about a dozen flights (at least) since I got my Nintendo Switch at launch, I can confidently say that its easily one of my favorite traveling companions, and I now never leave for the airport without it.

Nintendo’s first wave of participating U.S. airports.

The games initially featured in these Nintendo Switch lounges include Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, Tetris 99, and more – and naturally you’ll get some free stuff just for dropping by. Anyone who visits these lounges will also receive a Nintendo Switch branded luggage handle wrap and a $10 coupon from Target to use on any Nintendo purchase of $75 or more.

Speaking of purchases (since every journey needs a destination), travelers can also use a kiosk inside the lounge order Nintendo Switch consoles, games, and merch. As an added bonus, anyone who does this will receive a free carrying case with their order.

Just like I’ve blogged in the past, Nintendo isn’t concerned with its competitors. They’re focusing on driving home the key benefits of what its like to own their family of consoles, and I think these lounges are an excellent way to do it. Hell, I guess this is better than unplugging airport monitors to play your games.

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