Bethesda Forgot to Secure Fallout First Domain, Random Person Buys it and Shits All Over Them

It’s no surprise that people are livid following the announcement of Fallout First, and how Bethesda is planning on charging $100 annually for long desired features. People handled their anger in their own ways. Tweeting at Bethesda, making YouTube videos about the situation, or maybe even hitting the comment section to share some chosen words. But this fan? Or should I say ex-fan? Well, they decided to go balls to the walls and buy the domain and rebrand it to “Fallout Fuck You 1st” – and go off on this one page site.

From the Ranger armor outfit, to the icons and emotes, this hero did not hold back. Painted with colorful language, this ex fan took what a lot of people were thinking and put it on a public website for the world to see, and for Bethesda to see when they go to buy the domain. Which something tells me should have happened before the announcement. But hey, what do I know.

Since then, the website has been taken down but thanks to the good people over at Reddit, we’re still able to see the archive. Here you go. Boom

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