eSports Sitcom Coming to NBC Developed By “Big Bang Theory” Team. Boy This Will Be So Cringe

A former “Big Bang Theory” star and one of the show’s writers are developing a multi-camera comedy about eSports at NBC, Variety has learned.

Titled “The Squad,” the project hails from executive producer Johnny Galecki and writer and executive producer Anthony Del Broccolo, who was previously a writer and co-executive producer on “Big Bang Theory.” The new show follows a new group of friends (and sometimes enemies) who find companionship and common ground in their mutual love of competitive eSports.


*laugh track*

You’re trying to tell me esports isn’t hip enough to broadcast, but it’s hip enough to make a sitcom? Well boys, pour out a little G-Fuel, because esports is dead. I’m already getting second hand embarrassment from the cringe this show is letting off before they even start filming. It’s already bad enough that they’re going to make a whole show based off of friends having a mutual love for esports, but if Twitch lingo finds its way into the show, I really might lose it. I’d bet good money that we get a scenes pretty much identical to these (Billy is interchangeable) :

“Wow Billy, that is so Pog”

Normie roommate: “English please”

*laugh track*

[Parent finds white powder under sons bed]

*holding back tears* “Billy, are you doing drugs?”

“Ma, that’s my G-Fuel

*laugh track*

[Roommate walks into other roommates room without knocking and sees them in revealing clothing taking questionable pictures]


“I’m taking pictures for the diamond tier on my Patreon!”

*laugh track*

Big Bang Theory is hard to watch. And just the thought of an esports Big Bang Theory is making me squirm in my chair. I love esports, gambling on them, and just watching them and I’m pissed that NBC is inevitably going to make it look bad on TV. Boy I can’t wait to get 12 seasons of it!

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