Tfue Got Robbed After Fortnite Streamer Bowl. The Things People Will Do For A Text From Their Ex

Man, Tfue just keeps getting robbed. First from FaZe and now on the streets of Miami. When I first heard the news it was on Twitter, which knows about information before it even happens. I saw Tfue’s tweets right here:

For the uncultured (including myself because I had to google it. Not a watch guy) – this is what he was talking about when referring to said AP. This watch, which is called the Royal Oak AP Arabic Dial, runs around $40k. And is pretty fucking fly.

My mind immediately shot to the inner psychopath that is me. It made me think.. Hm, the things people will do when they get dumped. People make all sort of lies up just to get a message from their ex. Fake deaths in the family, fake hospital visits, it’s crazy. Young Chris P was a nut, so yes, sadly i’m speaking by experience. And what i’m referring to, is the tweet that Tfue posted before the “i got robbed” tweet.

My man was going through it. Night time rolled around, Turner put on a little Zac Brown Band, and just got sad. It’s good for the soul. But all and all, if this is true, I’m glad he’s ok and I hope you find your watch. Which let’s be real, is gone. It’s pawned in, or sold somewhere. But at least you walk away all in tact.

Little PSA for everyone and some advice based off this story. Stop flexing what you have on social media while simultaneously showing where you are. It’s a recipe for disaster. Either people know where they can find you, or they’ll know when you’re out of your house. Just stop doing it.

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