The Drive For Five: Faker Secures His 600th LCK Win

There’s only one GOAT…

Today during the LCK’s Spring Split, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok became the first player in LCK history to earn 600 wins, a staggering number across his 892 game, 11-year LCK career.

T1’s Unkillable Demon King was, as usual, a man of few words on the podium following the historic (yet inevitable) win. It seems like there’s only one thing on his mind… Breaking his own record in being the first player (and T1 the first org) in League of Legends history to hoist a fifth Summoners Cup at Worlds.

T1 is off to another typically impressive run, with their decisive 2-0 win today extending a four game winning streak after dropping their first of the season to Gen.G, who currently lead the LCK at 4-0 with a game in hand to be played tomorrow.

Normally, you could say “hey, explain this to me in NFL or NBA terms”, but in this case… Wins are wins. 600 wins, almost 3000 kills, four world titles for himself and the only club he’s ever played for, all of that spanning 11 years and he’s still getting after it and is still the man to beat. Ric Flair always said that to be the man, you’ve gotta beat the man… And until proven otherwise, Faker is still the fucking man.

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