Halo’s 2024 HCS Launch Bundles Put Every Other Esports Skins In Gaming To Shame

In case you haven’t been paying attention (and it’s okay – there’s lots of bad esports news out there, so we get it), Halo’s 2024 HCS season is kicking off this month. That means we get another round of team-specific skin bundles, and holy smokes are they gorgeous.

Every bundle also comes with a corresponding Armor Coating that you can use on different Armor Cores in the game, the team-specific visor, and a unique weapon skin that also just looks insane. Compare these to the CDL 2024 models, and… Well…

Listen, if you like recolored windbreakers and snowboarding goggles, that’s totally fine. But compare that to what Spacestation Gaming alone is putting out there and BOYYYYYYY!

I know, it’s probably harder to make a “realistic human” model have some cool team identity when compared to a 1-ton armored spacesuit wearing superhero, but at LEAST put up a fight please.

In related news, the HCS roadmap is looking awesome, with open events and Major 1 qualifiers all taking place this month ahead of OpTic’s Texas-based event in March. It’s awesome to see every org with a major this year getting to host it in their own backyards, and it’s crazy to think that those kinds of elements will give those teams a real “hometown” atmosphere where the orgs are based even though HCS teams aren’t “franchised” to a city.

With all the layoffs, bad news, and uncertainty in the esports industry, it’s nice to see some bright spots here and there – I’m looking forward to Year 3 of Halo Infinite esports, and you should too.

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