Fortnite’s ‘Zero Build’ Renaissance is a Master Class in Fan Service and Timing

I can’t believe I’m writing a Fortnite blog right now, but then again I also can’t believe how much Fortnite I’ve played in the last few days.

For those who don’t know, Fortnite released a “limited-time event” that removed building altogether, one of the game’s core combat mechanics. This was absolutely Epic Games just testing the waters to see how fans and streamers would respond, and clearly it was a massive success…

Because now it’s a permanent mode in the game only like a week later.

Easily the biggest complaint about Fortnite from newcomers and veterans alike is that the game’s building mechanics are too sweaty and just not fun to be on the business end of. So, Epic Games decided to give fans the option to play the game how they want, and it paid off. Imagine that?

Now you might be wondering to yourself, man… This is all fine and good, but what about the competitive scene? What about all the Fortnite pros that have spent years honing their building skills, boxing in people like fishes, and cranking 90s like absolute maniacs? Well – Epic’s giving us options there too.

Three hours later, three hours after announcing the new game mode – Epic announces a Twitch Rivals event to help promote it and give away a half a mil in the process. This no doubt means that we’re going to get full-on tournaments that support Zero Build, which will absolutely bring tons of people back to the game who haven’t already.

As I mentioned at the top of this blog, I’ve played more Fortnite in the last three days than I have in the last … Forever. All because of Zero Build. I don’t have to worry about someone turning into a condo complex when I’m about to kill them, and it’s incredibly refreshing. Epic Games hit an absolute grand slam with this new mode, and I hope every other dev out there is taking notes… This is how you give the people what they want.

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