Fortnite Raises $144 Million For Ukrainian Relief Efforts In Just Two Weeks

From March 20th until today, Epic Games has promised to donate all Fortnite proceeds to Ukrainian refugees and relief efforts.

Today, it was unveiled that the final donation amount totaled out to $144 million USD.

Say what you want about gaming, gamers, Epic Games, or Fortnite, but you can’t deny that this is absolutely incredible. Add in the fact that Epic Games introduced Fortnite’s Zero Build mode during this time period, a window where the game hasn’t been this popular in God knows how long, and it makes things even more impressive.

Epic Games more or less gave up an insane amount of profit during a time period in which they knew the player base was going to explode. Coincidence or not, that’s undeniably one of the most incredible charitable efforts I’ve ever seen made by a company in the gaming industry.

Papa Dom

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