Happy Monday: Reddit User Claims Razer Headset Saved Their Life From Stray Bullet

I tend to jump a half a mile out of my chair at any sudden noise in a video game, so imagine how freaked out you’d be by a stray bullet hitting your house, and then being stopped by your headset… WHILE YOU’RE WEARING IT.

Thanks to a great roundup on this story from our pal Jake Lucky, you don’t have to imagine it – you can see exactly what (allegedly) happened to Reddit user u/Enough_Dance_956 below:

According to the story (original Reddit post can be found here), the 18-year old was wearing his Razer Kraken headset when a stray bullet pierced his window, ricocheted off the headset itself, and then stopped when it hit the wall in his bedroom.

This unbelievable story has prompted Razer to reach out to the user for more details, as I’m certain they’re going to want to know how they accidentally manufactured a bulletproof headset as well.

As for u/Enough_Dance_956 – we’re glad you’re alright. Good thing you’re 18, because if I was you I’d go spend the entirety of my most recent paycheck on as many lottery tickets as I could afford.

Happy Monday, folks.

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