Hearthstone’s ‘Voyage to the Sunken City’ Kicks Off Announcement Season For Blizzard and Warcraft

With the storyline for World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion drawing to a close, and Hearthstone players continuing their grind to Legend, Blizzard is kicking off a season of potentially super exciting announcements over the next two months.

Starting in under two weeks on April 12th, Hearthstone’s newest (and first of the year) expansion – Voyage to the Sunken City – will arrive.

The expansion promises to take players beneath the waves to the Zin’Azshari setting which is overflowing with Naga, curses, sunken temples and ships, and gigantic sea monsters. Voyage to the Sunken City will feature a new minion type (Naga – because of course), and two new keywords:

  • Dredge – Lets you look at the bottom three cards of your deck and pick one to bring up to the top (and will pair nicely with the set’s new “Sunken” treasure, weapon, and spell cards).
  • Colossal – Think “Exodia” cards, where the creatures are so big that they can’t fit on just one card. Minions with this keyword will have additional appendages in the form of multiple cards that will make the core card even more powerful.

Full details on this expansion and what else to expect in the most recent patch is available right here. Voyage to the Sunken City will arrive just a few days before World of Warcraft’s next expansion is set to be announced – so here’s hoping for a Spring full of exciting stuff for fans (like yours truly) who have invested over a decade and a half into this universe.

See ya under the sea!

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