Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

WB and Rocksteady finally released the long awaited Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League and it has the internet in an absolute shitstorm right now. Following the titular Arkham series with a fake out ending in Arkham Knight, nearly 8 years pass bringing us finally to this game. So lets get right down to it, do my opinions of the game match the vehement out pouring of hate social media is spewing out into everyone’s timelines? Do I think Suicide Squad could be a sleeper hit in 2024? I wouldn’t go that far but here is everything I found wrong with Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Game Pulled Offline Over Glitch

I literally don’t know. I haven’t played the game and can’t make time for anything besides Tarkov and BG3. This is a PSA to all the fucking knobs that clicked on this link to follow suit into the hate mongering that you blindly follow on social media. Stop being lemmings you fucking wierdos and make up your own decisions about a game. I have said this a thousand times on the podcast before, if you are unsure about a game, do not pre order it and find a streamer you connect with on a similar wave length, mentally and gaming emotionally, then watch them stream it. Consume content from people’s opinions you can value and trust not the console war waging troglodytes that are at risk of losing their day job because they spend 85% of their time on Twitter spamming posts about first party this, fiscal year that. Siphoning your opinion from the most vocal click baiting publicists to ride the hate wave does nothing but hurt the industry as a whole. Buy the game or don’t, otherwise shut the fuck up about it.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's No Reviews, No Metascore Launch Is  A Choice, To Be Sure

I, however will be waiting for a sale or maybe it coming to Gamepass at some point because it looks like it would be a fun co-op with some buddies. I’ve watched my fair share of streams and although I think the UI is a mess and the color patterns are blinding at times, the game still looks well made and polished.   

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