Head Into The Weekend With Ventrilo Harassment

Hey Daralon my mom she got me this new blog, and well it’s kinda like an old blog that I do basically every weekend, it’s pretty good actually.

Long ago, there was a series of YouTube videos entitled “Ventrilo Harassment”. You might’ve seen the Duke Nukem one (I’ve got balls of steel) or perhaps you haven’t, but to me this is the unsung star of the Vent Harassment series. Obviously there’s some language in here so steer away if that’s not your thing. I’m sure you’ll be fine though.

Back in the day, I used to love Ventrilo. For the younger readers in here, Vent was Discord before Discord existed, and obviously was a lot more primitive. When these videos came out, it was when World of Warcraft was in its infancy – and although Vent servers were usually private… Well… Clearly a few were easier to slide into than others.

I used to love my cozy little Vent server, and now we’ve got Discords which are fine too I GUESS. But nothing will match the energy and the vibes of a vintage Ventrilo hang. Fun fact about Not Another Gaming Podcast, our very first recording method was Skype, and then Ventrilo. That’s how old we are on these internet streets.

Anyway, go listen to the newest episode of the show and have a great weekend.

Papa Dom

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