Twitch Ads Incentive Program: Will It Work?

Twitch is finally rolling out their new Ads incentive Program. After months of creators complaining Twitch to not be a sustainable platform for income, a dozen failed petitions and mass departure from the site (that was a stretch), Twitch has finally given creators an option. I am going out on a limb here and saying, we’ll still hear more whining.

Twitch has recently seen some middle tier talent coming forward with statements like “twitch does absolutely nothing for sick days or time off” from TheDanDangler , and petition after petition have rolled through trying to make widespread changes to monetization on Twitch. Well, you asked for it and now you got it. Twitch is moving forward with their new Ads Incentive Program that will allow for Partners and some Affiliates to sign an agreement in which both Twitch will offer to pay X amount of money to the streamer as long as they stream X amount of hours WITH ads turned on. Congratulations, you’ve played yourself.

The Ads incentive Program is guaranteeing monthly income to streamers, but the streamers are also guaranteeing Twitch a certain number of hours streamed every month and Twitch will make that money back from ad revenue. You got yourselves a day job here folks. Twitch may require creators to stream for 20-30 hours a week, securing 80 hours of streaming which would likely lead to ad breaks every half hour to hour. I promise you somebody out there will do the math behind this, but I am willing to bet Twitch will be making the most money out of this deal.

We have yet to see any specifics behind the Ads incentive Program. We don’t know how many hours will be required, what the monthly payouts will be or even how frequently ads will be run, but this does at least put the right step forward for a more sustainable form of income for the not top 1% of streamers on Twitch. Will this work out? Will this feature even last a few months? Only time will tell my friends.

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