Kai Cenat Is Now the Most Subbed Streamer in History

Kai Cenat has been on Twitch headlines for months, and for good reason! Recently with his subathon going on Day 28, Kai reached over 300k subscribers and counting on Twitch. That smashes Ludwig’s previous record during his own subathon at 283k subs. With celebrities like Drake and 21 Savage on his stream in the past. Kai has achieved a level of fame and status that most streamers only dream of. 

To put into perspective, according to Gene Park, a reporter for the Washington Post, the revenue made over 300k subs alone is more money than most news outlets make in a month. Assuming Twitch is taking the standard 50/50 split of his sub revenue. At 300k subs Kai Cenat is making at least $750,000 in just 28 days of streaming.

Since 2018 streaming out of their mom’s house to now, Kai Cenat is a modern day success story that will surely inspire future generations of content creators. Kai is not only the first streamer to reach this level, but also the first black streamer to achieve this level of success on the Twitch platform. Which is amazing to see on Black History month of all months in the year. With his marathon timer only going up, it’s anyone’s guess as to what records he breaks going forward. As I write this Kai has over 166 hours on his timer, and 305k subs on his counter and counting. It’ll be exciting to see where Kai Cenat goes from here. 


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